A MasterClass with Hana Zebzabi



I've been a photographer for 6 years now, shooting fashion and conceptual images. It's my biggest passion to teach and help creatives find their calling. I think it's incredibly important to create a safe space for creatives to make mistakes, and to try different things. I have a very distinctive way of doing things and making my models feel safe - I aim to show you, in a fun way, how to get the best out of your models and attain the best fashion photos / portraits. Book a masterclass with me and watch your work improve almost immediately. 




I founded Divurgent Workshops and we've helped hundreds of creatives achieve their goals and build their portfolio. Now it's time to do it more intimately. 


This is an intimate version, located in Hana's studio home, where we can create freely and figure out exactly what you need to become better at your craft.


What is the masterclass?

Have an intimate experience with me, where I teach you all I know about my craft, how I take my photos, how to direct your model, and how to make your passion the centre of your career. I really believe in teaching with love and care, it will be like a creative hangout, where I expose everything I know in order to help you with your journey. We'll create work that you're proud of and can use to guide your career moving forward.



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  • A presentation showing visualisations of my journey, the clients I work with, explaining my journey and intention to help inspire you with a template that you could also follow. This will be a detailed and intimate chat to help you achieve your creative goals.

  • We then set up a portrait / fashion shoot and I will be your muse, guiding you and mentoring you to get the best out of ME through direction, music, lighting, and intention. 
  • We will style and come up with the right setting to shoot RAW, CLEAN, and BEAUTIFUL portraits. Like the ones you see on my page.
  • We will shoot two looks - one focusing on portraits and the second one focusing on a more fashion approach.  
  • After this, we will sit down and view the work together and speak about choosing the images, how quality over quantity is key, and slowly giving you guidance to finding your shooting style. 

  • Any questions can be asked, whether its about the industry, rates, contracts, agencies - we will touch base on most things. 





I am a signed commercial model and have been a muse for some of the greatest artists, we will use my skills as a model to help you get the best portraits.

This is an example of a beautiful portrait that a creative took of me during a one on one workshop. We can create whatever we desire and truly understand the human experience through photography.


Learn the importance of lighting, setting the mood, and actually creating a story with your work. 

Having a distinctive style is important - I can teach you how to get there. 



Watch this video, and see if it inspires you to take a leap and chase your dreams. We really have all the opportunities around us and its up to us to take control and take the needed risks to live our dreams.




How long does the session take?

I like to take my time and finish when I feel like we've learnt enough. But this day should be approx half a day. You're looking at spending 4/5 hours with me.

How much work will I produce?

You will have two looks to take photos of and the complete control to pick however many you want to edit after this session. It is up to you how many images you want to edit - but I will guide you in picking the best quality images instead of multiple of the same.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Yes, I do expect each photographer to have their own camera, and memory cards. 

We will be using my studio lighting, and exploring natural light as this is my expertise. 

How do we plan what to shoot?

Before our session, I will be sending a mooodboard of the different visuals we will be exploring so you have a good idea of what you're shooting on the day.



How much is this masterclass?

The price of this workshop is £600. If you wish to have an editing masterclass this is an added cost of £250.

Can I come up with my own idea for the portfolio/fashion shoots?

Yes. If you would like to take the direction, if you've always had an idea for a shoot and we can execute it - we can absolutely honour it! 

Where will the session take place?

North London, Tottenham. 




Send over an e-mail, give me some info and lets get a date in, I tend to respond within 2-3 hours.





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